Music brings us together in celebration

Love of Music and the joy of singing is the heart of the All SAINTS choir.

We are a volunteer bunch in every sense … from the director, to the singers and musicians. The music we share at worship touches many and is important in our own lives. There are no robes, no choir loft, no auditions, just a desire to be there. You do not have to be a member of All Saints to sing in the choir.  With busy schedules and commitments, choir is designed to involve only a couple hours on Sunday mornings. If you need to miss a Sunday now and then, that’s OK!

In addition to singing and learning about music, the choir experience is about …

SERVICE an opportunity to contribute ~ in a meaningful way ~ to worship at All Saints

SUPPORT singing together as a group builds lasting friendships

SOUL worshipping through music is fulfilling and self-enriching, while bringing
joy and comfort to listeners and singers alike

Rehearsals, Sunday Mornings, 9:30 to 10:40

Performance is not the focus. Rehearsal/Therapy is!
is the name we give to what others call Rehearsal.
Rehearsal can speak of practice, drudgery, and work.
Therapy speaks of healing … lifting up… becoming whole.
You may only sing an anthem in church once or twice and
it may be a good or so-so or a not-so-good three minutes.
Therapy is an hour of singing and letting go!

Performances, Sunday Mornings, 8:30 or 11:00

We sing each week at alternating worship services from September through May.

On the Sundays we sing at early service, we warm-up at 8:08am.

Contact: Doug Klang , Music Director